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This book is under the radar. I highly recommend it!

"Vacationing in Canada: My Travels in Ordinary Reality"

I hesitate to write a review for this book because I am concerned I cannot possibly do it justice. Jo Flagg has written an incredible memoir full of humor, insight, and wonderful writing. There is something special that happens to me when a writer finds the perfect words to describe what is going on in her world and THE world, and all the worlds. Jo Flagg does this in grand style. I thank her for this massive undertaking and for introducing us to her magical world of plants and spirits. I am SO glad I purchased the paperback because it is something I want to hold in my hands and peruse for many years.

A very personal travelogue. As an enthusiastic explorer of multiple separate realities, Jo Flagg takes the reader into three often blended realms: the worlds of Dreaming, Plant Spirit Medicine, and Shamanic Journeying. In these pages you are invited to search within your own ‘soul-field’ for experiential knowledge of those passages that lead to your Creative Source, and to your personal alliances within the life force of Earth and the Cosmos where you also find the truth of your eternity.

Along the way you will be instructed in each of these traditions and given detailed descriptions of ceremonies to bring you more fully into centeredness, wholeness and relationship with your spirit allies. Illustrated with poetry, lyrics and art created from the worlds of Non-Ordinary Reality, these pages are meant to inspire the reader to find around them and within them the sacredness which waits joyfully to be witnessed.

Jo Flagg is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanic Healing. She has studied with Michael Harner, Alicia Luengas Gates, and Tom Cowan, among many others. Her shamanic practice spans four decades. This book is her promise and tribute to all her teachers in all the realms - may the song of her heart ever nourish them.


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