Soul Retrieval Training

4 day training with an evening ceremony on the 3rd day


February 28th - March 2nd
Friday through Monday
Melbourne, VIC, Australia


The four-day workshop is designed exclusively for those who wish to bring shamanic healing techniques into their practice with others. Participants will be trained to work with the issue of soul loss, will explore the experience of partial soul loss resulting from personal trauma and illness, and will learn how to track a person’s soul and return lost essence to that individual. The course also focuses on life after soul retrieval: how to create a healthier life after healing has taken place and how to alleviate generational suffering. Individuals attending the training will perform and receive a soul retrieval during the course of the workshop and are given extensive instruction on how to work with clients after a soul retrieval through the use of shamanic journeying, ritual, and ceremony.

Success at shamanic journeying and good contact with power animals and/or teachers in non-ordinary reality is essential for participation.


I teach this each year in the late spring/early summer.

The days are designed to be informative but also relaxing and personally healing.
Cost is $650AUD ($625AUD early bird). 

To apply to this class, please contact Alida.

To register: TryBooking



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