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The Co-Creation Handbook


Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life


"It took me a while to buy this book and do you know why? I couldn’t allow myself to want happiness as my baseline. I couldn’t choose happiness, so I held back until I could. Then one day, not so long ago, I decided unhappiness wasn’t worth it anymore, and I could choose happiness. Then I bought this book. And I love it. I love her writing, the work, the audio recordings, and the tone of her voice. And I love how it’s changing me. I need this. And if she had made it into some expensive high-tech online video course, I would never have been able to do it. So thank you Alida for making your work accessible to EVERYBODY. I appreciate everything about this book and about Alida’s process, and how I’m able to make it my own. I’m only partway through. I’m slow. But I’ve accomplished two projects that I probably wouldn’t have completed otherwise. I don’t like all those manifesting/magical thinking books. This isn’t one of those. This is real nuts and bolts practices that get you focused and clear on the things that matter in your life so that you can create success in any area you choose."


"My sister gifted me The Co-Creation Handbook in 2015 during a particularly severe episode of depression.  It was just what I needed.  Alida's book provided me with a clear and time-tested process in which to find my way back to the Light through her straightforward prose, thoughtful assignments, and short audio exercises. I found Alida's voice very soothing, the drumbeat very grounding, and the writing assignments manageable and very helpful for getting clear on my desires and life purpose.  As a woman working in the sciences, I appreciated the balance of esoteric and research-based knowledge in the book's content.  The handbook became a tether anchoring me to the earth plane at a time when I was preparing to leave.  Interestingly, through the Co-Creation Handbook, I found that I did not need to make enormous shifts in my work, home, relationships, etc. as much as I needed to reconnect with my own personal power and recognize the divine network of support available to me at all times.  I am forever grateful to Alida for sharing this information at a time when many of us are overwhelmed and disconnected."

~ Erin Q.


Dear Alida,

I want to thank you for your Co-Creator Handbook and recordings. I started with a Stretch goal of creating a new botanical perfume and with spirit and your recordings and exercises, I birthed Nust'a, which is Quechua for a feminine Nature spirit, in 7 weeks. Sending you many thanks and ultimately thanks to this lifelong process. The sacred container was what I needed to be able to carry through what was once a stressful ordeal. There are still bumps on the road; however, I feel optimistic and I am living my dreams now.

Gracias! and Munay!
~ Irene

I learned a new positive way to look at life, my goals, and how to really make things happen in my life that I want to come in.  I love how you take the big goals and break them into manageable pieces and meditate on them to have them become a reality.  I also loved how you started off with the simple choice of being happy and built on that with each lesson.  I really enjoyed how the book, meditations, and the classes went so well together and how powerfully they all work together.  I have had so many people see the changes in me even early on in the class.  I feel truly blessed that I was one of your first students in this amazing class. Thank you so much!


~ Chelsea Kaldahl


I have just begun working with the helpful concepts Alida Birch lays out in the first few chapters and already I have experienced positive transformations. Perhaps the most insightful comment I have read so far (among many) has been that how I feel is a choice, not some kind of random event. Alida is very honest and forthcoming about her own struggles and successes and manages to be very supportive of the reader's own journey without making false promises (a common fault of many "self-help" books.) Very affordable, down-to-earth, compassionate and visionary, this book and access to the free audio guide that comes with it will make your life better on so many levels - it already has for me!


~ Lawrence Birch, owner, Giving Tree Farm Herb Company


The Co-Creation Handbook is a truly amazing book. It has completely changed my perspective and opened up my eyes to so many new opportunities that I would never have thought possible before. There are 8 chapters, and the author recommends doing 1 chapter per week. However, I've been working through the chapters since September 2015 (It's now March 2016), at a much slower pace than 1 chapter per week, because ever since I began working on it, I felt something very powerful was happening, and I found I wanted to take my time and go deeper. Each chapter is full of profound insights and wonderful exercises to help you push through your limitations. I have had so many synchronicities, developed a deep connection to a number of spirit animals who now regularly guide me along my path, and I am experiencing the world in a more beautiful way than ever before. Thank you Alida for sharing your wisdom through this incredible book.


~ Jocelyn Star Feather, founder of We Are a Sacred Planet


The Co-Creation Handbook assists in enhancing my regular engagement with visualizing, allowing, and integrating greater authenticity and power into my daily work. That Gandhian "change I wish to see in the world", a shift to greater balance in our society and ecosystems is influenced by my ripple,  sometimes a wave, that results from the intent of this work, this playful weaving. Since embarking on this deeper intention and practice our sustainability work has multiplied and the communities and extent of its reach has increased manyfold. We are now participating in a different level of impact and I can see that path continuing. The tools themselves are not revolutionary, they are familiar.  It is the structure: pragmatic daily embodied action melded with Alida's beautiful approach, that brings this gift into being.


~ Justin Overdevest, Senior Associate, Good Company, Eugene, Oregon

I'm 2 weeks into this audio program of morning & evening meditations. The first week I landed a surprise job interview, & the 2nd week I was offered a speaking engagement to talk about my research. Both came from out of nowhere, & were not even the stretch goals that I was working on! Alida has a grounded & pleasant speaking voice. It's very practical & easy to get into the habit of co-creating.

~ Janys Murphy, Ph.D., The Evergreen State College

I was able to very quickly call into my life a relationship that is going remarkably well. Alida's gift is weaving these principles of manifestation into a practical tapestry that I can apply to anything!

~ Lorrie Brilla, Professor Kinesiology and Physical Education, Western Washington University


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