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Shamanism is the Path of Direct Revelation


Click here for a self-paced 6-part online offering of this course.

Do you long for a direct connection to the spiritual world?

Are you wondering how to access spiritual help easily and at will?


The Shamanic Journey is a safe, time tested method of contacting the spirit world for answers to

your deepest questions. This ancient problem solving tool opens the door to non-ordinary reality

for healing, information, and personal power.


An introductory experiential training in which you will learn about shamanism

and the shamanic journey. Participants are initiated into shamanic journeying, a skill

used worldwide by shamans to enter non-ordinary reality to work with their

spirit helpers and teachers, those sources intimately connected to our life path.


In this introductory workshop, you will learn to:


  • Journey

  • Meet your Power Animal and Spirit Helpers, those sources intimately connected with your life path.

  • Cultivate these relationships to gain guidance, healing, and assistance.

  • Learn to do a  Retrieval of Power for others.

  • Help you to explore and relate to unfamiliar fields of consciousness safely.


There are no pre-requisites; this is an introductory training.


Fulfills the pre-requisites for all advanced workshops.

What will be covered?


Although each workshop is unique in that the helping spirits often add or subtract topics depending on the needs of the group, here is what is typically covered in the Beginning Shamanic Journey workshop

  • An introduction to shamanism - what it is and is not

  • Opening and respectfully calling in the loving compassionate spirit helpers

  • Preparing oneself for the journey

  • The cosmology of non-ordinary reality

  • Learning the shamanic journey method to meet with one's own spirit helper in non-ordinary reality

  • Journeying to both the upper and lower worlds

  • Maintaining a vital relationship with the power animal and spirit teacher

  • Learn to do a Retrieval of Power for others

  • Learn the many ways to journey, get answers to important questions, and divination techniques

  • Applying what you have learned to help heal oneself, others and the Planet


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