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Testimonials for Conscious Co-Creation Training


Three years ago I attended Alida's Conscious Co-Creation course. On a small slip of paper I wrote down: "I want to manifest a rock and roll band". At the time I had a guitar and some songs and really not much more in the way of music. Now, three years later I am the female singer/guitar player in a touring rock and roll band "Blue Lotus". Magic happens... you only have to believe to manifest your dreams. This course changed my life..literally. Love you Alida! Thank you!
Brandelyn Rose
Blue Lotus

A few summers ago I was sequestered in a cabin in Michigan, with the opportunity to inescapably relive my childhood experiences, like reruns of Leave it to Beaver gone wrong.

My saving grace was Alida's recordings and her book "The Co-Creation Handbook". I vigilantly did the morning and evening sessions, and I took the long days to face my reality, accept it, and make my choices about how I choose to be. It really made all the difference, and I can look back now at that time and call it a gift.

This work is an ongoing life challenge. Everyday we must make our choices with full conviction, and everyday we must honor reality as it is, and feel that structural tension. When I don't, I languish. When I do my whole being moves forward, and I am able to live my life to the fullest. I encourage you to make the choice to work with Alida. It will serve you in every regard.
Carla Meeske, Shamanic Practitioner & Animal Communicator

My name is Wendy EagleWolfe and I am the founder of "Care For The Caregiver." I must honestly say that attending Manifestation Classes with Alida Birch has prompted the creation of the "Care For The Caregiver program!" I have always felt that manifestation is the birth right of the human being. I have tried to create through many programs for decades without much success. Prior to Alida's training the programs focused on positive thinking or on focusing on the intention to suddenly create new things in my life. Frankly, these attempts did not work. Alida's training was quite different. She provided concrete steps for the co-creation process. She also supported us in class as we began to learn the new process. Carefully following the steps from Alida's training, big changes started to occur in my life! Situations opened up in unexpected ways that allowed me to move forward in creating my new business! I highly recommend Alida's Conscious Co-Creation trainings if you are seeking to make some changes and/or create something new in your life!
Wendy EagleWolfe LCSW
Care for the CareGiver

"I focused on drawing to me inexpensive Hawaiian vacations. I went to Hawaii three times
that winter and one of the trips cost me only $23."
Pam McComas, semi-retired Lane County sheriff

Following the Conscious Co-Creation principles Alida shared with me, I was able to very quickly call into my life a relationship that is going remarkably well. Alida's gift is weaving these principles of co-creation into a practical tapestry that I can apply to anything!
Lorrie Brilla, Professor Kinesiology and Physical Education, Western Washington University

Something clicked when I participated in your workshop about Conscious Co-Creation...I decided to apply it to all areas of my life, from work performance to looking at my body and addressing my health issues to creating something for the sake of Art itself.
I felt that in time this would become second nature and it is.
I got an excellent job performance review recently, my health is good and as far as creative work I am approaching every thing I do as a work of art.
I know your book will be of great help to anyone who reads it, it is a method that can help anyone at any level.
Katia Jimenez

Within a month of completing the  course of "Conscious Co-Creation", as taught by Alida Birch, my life shifted. It became clear to me what my passion was and how to fulfill it. "A Course on Happiness" was born. Within the first year I developed the course and found a business partner. All due to learning how to co-create. I now know that the purpose of my life is to spread the knowledge that we choose how we feel and therefore can choose to feel happy.
thank you for all you do,
Barb Ryan, M.S. (aka “Guidess of Happiness”)
Spiraling Toward Joy

Alida shared the co-creation process with me and I began the work in earnest. I found it simple and easy to follow. I focused on drawing in  clients for my distant healing work. After the program I started getting more calls to do the distant healings. After about a month I was surprised how much work was coming in and many were repeat clients.I now have a full schedule and have helped many people with my work. I felt the co-creation work was what brought this abundance into my life and I highly recommend it.
Rita Baxter, LMT, massage therapist, soul response therapist and shamanic practitioner.
Shamana Massage & Healing

Alida Birch is an articulate educator and guide. She listens well and answers questions directly. Her classes are fun and run smoothly.
Through her practical easy to follow assignments, I was able to come to realize I can create what I set my mind/heart to.
From the mundane to the seeming impossible, her teachings are helpful.
I successfully got a hive of bees to leave the area above my slider door (without pesticides) using the techniques taught by Alida.
I got ants to leave my kitchen by these same techniques. They have not returned since I took the class two years ago.
Busy is my normal state. I love to write but find it impossible during the chaos of my day as caregiver for three individuals. So, I decided to use the techniques gained in Alida's class to help me to write. It worked! I was able to quickly start and complete a series of writing exercises in a short period of time. I still use things I learned in her class.
It was wonderful sharing time with a group of like-minded individuals and building friendships with same. What I really like is the confidence gained from being able to create what I want in a safe, wholistic, caring way. Thank you Alida for your wisdom and professionalism. Aho.
Jada Prane, PhD, FSS 3 year graduate




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