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Alida Birch is acknowledged by her community as a shamanic healer.
Her love and passion for helping people fuels her soul as she assists them in recovering their true selves. She is a bridge between the seen and the unseen. She is certified as a shamanic counselor by Michael Harner (1993), and a graduate of the first Two Year Shamanic Teacher Training Program taught by Sandra Ingerman (2003-2005). Alida has a Shamanic counseling, teaching and healing practice in Eugene, Oregon.

About Alida

Over the past three decades, Alida has trained hundreds of people in the techniques of

the shamanic journey and has performed thousands of soul retrievals.
She has redesigned her life to incorporate the concepts of healing and simplicity.

She brings to her work a passion for balance, healing and exploration of the spiritual world

in a practical way. From 1987 to 2005, she trained with Sandra Ingerman in soul retrieval,

shamanic counseling & teaching. Her initial training in shamanic healing was with Michael Harner

of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She is certified in shamanic counseling by

Michael Harner - a certification granted to only 26 individuals in the United States.

Certified Shamanic Counselors (CSC) are individuals who have completed the Foundation's

rigorous certification program. They have been trained to counsel clients in shamanic

journeying for the purpose of divination so that clients may directly seek answers and

guidance from their own helping spirits.


Her practice includes healing offered in the shamanic tradition and a dedication to training and mentoring others who are serious about deepening their commitment to healing and moving forward in their lives.

The intent of her Apprenticeships and Soul Retrieval Trainings is to develop a community of healers and practitioners committed to bringing shamanic principles into the 21st century. Her book, The Co-Creation Handbook, gives readers the tools to create and manifest their highest aspirations and goals in harmony with guidance from their helping spirits.


Alida is a former social worker, mechanical engineer, manager in manufacturing, licensed bodyworker and minister. Here is one of the events that propelled Alida into healing work: The Key

Alida Birch
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