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Hearth of the Dancing Drum Shamanic
Journey & Healing Circles 2023-2024

Beginning in October 2023, we are offering an online journey circle and a sometimes online and sometimes in person healing circle. Read below to find dates for each.


To receive an email reminder, please click on the Circle Notification button below.


We are the Hearth of the Dancing Drum. We have been meeting continuously since 1992 in Eugene Oregon.
We are affiliated with the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards.

 Everyone  is welcome!

drums in a circle

Online Shamanic Journey Circle via ZOOM
We are meeting online once every 4 months.


Third TUESDAY  at 6:30pm-8:30pm Pacific Time



Tuesday Nov 21st               Madronna   



Tuesday February 20th     Wendy

Tuesday May 21st            Susanna     

Tuesday August 20th       Wendy       


Tuesday November 19th  Madronna   

*pre-requisite for attendance at the drumming circle is that you already know how to journey.

Shamanic Healing Circle*

We are now offering both online and in person healing circles.

In-Person Healing Circles, Eugene Oregon


To receive the location, please sign up on the Circle Notification list.  3PM is our start time.


Sunday October 15th   Reid



Sunday January 21st   Anchen

Sunday April 21st        Alida 


Sunday July 21st         Anchen

Sunday October 20th   Reid

Bring  your drum & rattle if you have them. 

Suggested donation is $5-$10 or more to cover the facility rent. Any extra goes to our local food bank.

Healing Circles via Zoom 
at 6:30pm


Tuesday December 19th       Marta


Tuesday March 19th             Anchen

Tuesday June 18th              Reid

Tuesday September 17th      Alida

Tuesday December 17th       Anchen

*pre-requisite for attendance at both healing circles is a willingness to be supportive of those requesting healing. We no longer accept calls to reserve a healing. You do not need permission from anyone to attend. Simply show up and be welcomed!


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