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Shamanism, a path of direct revelation,  is a way for the ordinary person to be their own authority on spiritual matters. The cornerstone of this work, the shamanic journey, is a safe, practical method for accessing alternate realities. The Shamanic Journey is  a simple, unique way to restore our spiritual power & open us to an extraordinary range of guidance, healing, and assistance.

Trainings with Alida Birch Online

NEW!: Introduction to the Shamanic Journey -
a self-paced 6-part training

Basic instruction in the shamanic journey-the key to core shamanic practice. Understand the background and method of the shamanic journey. Learn to journey with percussion to the lower and upper world. Meet a power animal and a spirit teacher. Contains many helpful suggestions for journeying.

Trainings with Alida
Birch in Eugene Oregon


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The Shamanic Journey


with  Alida Birch


Delving Deeply into a Shamanic Way of Life


with  Alida Birch


Spiritual Extraction Training


with  Alida Birch

*All in-person trainings suspended until further notice.


Trainings with
Alida Birch & Reid Hart


Celtic Roots
February 3rd-24th, 2021

taught by Alida Birch and Reid Hart

Alida Birch & Reid Hart  reserve the right to cancel any workshops or the participation of anyone, at any time for any reason. In such a case, fees paid in advance will be refunded.

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