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Delving Deeply into  a Shamanic Way of Life

Our times demand that we all begin to develop our individual & collective capacity for magic.
Learn to:

Be nourished by and a nourisher of
the living energy of Nature

  Facilitate the flow of life force
between all living things
      Call down the healing power of the Helping Spirits
Work out in Nature with         compassionate, caring beings
who dwell outside of
time and space

Develop a daily practice to
solidify these teachings

with Alida Birch

My helping spirits have been advising me on what is most important for all of us to focus on to assist us with the next evolutionary step for all beings. This comes from my work with the Q'eros, my own helping spirits, and my teachers in human form. 


I have melded this into a one day shamanic workshop that will give you a solid peaceful compassionate foundation for moving forward in whatever way you choose, be it healer's path or self development path or community action path.

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