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Alida Birch is a visionary author and respected shamanic healer.  She has helped 1000’s  of people around the globe recover from trauma, move forward in their lives, and find gentle practical methods to reconnect to the spirit world.


In the past 20 years she has initiated over 500 people in her Call of the Shaman apprenticeship programs and has been a popular teacher and leader of the Eugene shamanic community.   Alida received both an MSW in social work and a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering  from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus. Employed as a manufacturing manager for 8 years in a Fortune 100 company, in 1990 she soared out of the corporate world to become a healer, body worker, and spiritual teacher.  In 1991, she co-founded Hearth of the Dancing Drum Healing and Drumming Circles to foster a more sustainable spiritual culture.


Her love of cats prompted her to found and chair Siberian Research Inc., a non-profit working for the improved health of the Russian Siberian cat. She is an organic gardener, a beekeeping mentor, owned by two Siberian cats (see her kitty, Smokin', below) and married to Reid Hart. They live happily on 5 acres near Eugene Oregon at BirchGrove Hearth.


Her work has appeared in Shamanism Journal, Community ConneXion, Alternatives Magazine and Healing Currents. Visit her on the web at

Alida Birch, author


The Co-Creation Handbook


Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life

Alida's cat

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