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The Co-Creation Handbook


Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life


1. Why is this system different from every other book I have read on manifestation?


This is a great question! Thank you! The Co-Creation Handbook and audio program lead you through an 8-week odyssey to re-educate the subconscious. With this 8-week application, the brain is able to reconfigure itself and start to understand it is indeed able to create that which you before thought was out of your reach. We start slow with a small stretch goal so that the subconscious can be brought up to speed gradually. This process is supported by well researched studies on brain chemistry and the new physics. The book also addresses integrating the spiritual life into your efforts and utilizes the methods of the shamanic journey to facilitate change and inspiration broadening your efforts, should you so choose,  to creating a better world.


2. Where do I purchase the Audio Program?


Only on this site! I did a very small run of CD sets for the Audio Program to encourage readers to download it for free from the website. However, if you wish to order the 3 CD set, go to the Purchase tab for the instructions. 

3. I am having trouble downloading the audios on my  device. What is wrong?

Unfortunately, the audio files are stored on Dropbox and we recently were informed that Dropbox does not have the capability to download music files directly to Apple devices on phones. We are still looking into if there is a possible workaround but currently downloading music files from the Dropbox application is not possible to Apple devices. You can still download the audios on another device or order the CDs from me. You may also email me and I will walk you through the download process. We'll get the audios to you, don't worry!


4. I have missed several days of working with the Audio Program. Do I have to start all over again?


I understand that we have things that get in the way of consistent practice.  While the best results come from working with the audios morning and night, if you miss a session, keep moving forward! If you miss more than 50% of the sessions for that week, stay with that week for a few more days and then move forward. But remember you are always the one who determines when you are ready. There are no hard and fast rules here!


5. What do I do after the 8th week?


Congratulations for completing the process! Keep working with the process. The ways you can do this are many. Here are just a few ideas: keep working with the audios repeating your favorite ones, design your own audios to listen to, take quiet time each day to remind yourself of what you are creating, keep updating your Personal Statement and your Atta Girl/Boy lists, update your "Things I want to Create" list and, most of all, choose Happiness! 


6. I am so excited about my results I would like to share this with others. What is the best way? You can review the book on Amazon, gift it to your friends, and recommend your library purchase the book. I also train facilitators, so if you would like to become a Co-Creation Process facilitator, contact me.


If you have further questions, please send them to me at


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  • Alida Birch Co-Creation
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