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Creating Momentum (also known as Getting Things Done)

I was listening to a podcast today about writing a book very quickly over the weekend.

Wait. A weekend???

While at first this seemed preposterous, I realized that I had done my book in a very short amount of time - like 3 weeks! I thought that was fast! Most people take years.

How did I speed up that process?

I accelerated my writing by setting myself a hard goal (also known as a deadline). I committed to presenting it to a group of people.

Yikes! Sounds scary, right? And, yes, it does have an element of fear in it.

Because if I don't get this done on time, then I am going to disappoint a bunch of folks . . . and myself.

And now let's flip that because the brain responds so much better to encouragement than fear: if I DO get this done on time, I am going to thrill a bunch of people . . . and myself!

happy dance

Here's the backstory: Rhonda from Australia visited me in Oregon one fine spring morning. As we sat at my kitchen table, I asked myself why I had not visited her. She said, "yes why haven't you? I could put together a workshop for you. It could be a business trip!"

Hold on. That's intriguing!

Now I was just in the beginning stages of teaching Co-Creation theory. I had run a few groups and we'd gotten some major successes so I knew I was on to something that could really help people. This was my passion so I said, "OK! I'll teach the co-creation material!" A done deal. We were in the flow.

So as the summer wore on and our plans became more definite, I realized I had about 3 weeks left to get the workbook done. Then I had to figure out how to get it into the hands of the attendees, also known as hard copy.

I realized I had just signed myself up for a HEAP of creative tension. But that's a good thing, if done right.

Here's a picture of me plugging myself in:

Every night and day I worked on the book. When I finished the rough draft, it was 70 pages long and it was already close to departure time. Time to pack.

Oh, and get this, I ALSO wanted to create an audio program which would support the readers. So I recorded a session every night - in my bedroom, with my voice recorder, playing the shamanic drumbeat in the background on my iPod. With the planes flying overhead and the cats meowing at the door.

cats meowing at door

A sound engineer would have cringed!

But nothing could stop me now.

So off I went to the copy shop. I got my book printed and spiral bound and I copied the CDs myself for all 30 participants.

There was no time to judge my quality or grammar and certainly not "the look" of the book.

Here is the cover (no frills here!):

cover of first draft

I stuffed them all in a big suitcase and due to weight restrictions, I put as many as possible in my carry on luggage. I discovered that's a lot of weight to schlep around an airport jet lagged as I was during the stopover. But I got them to Australia and I met my goal!

So yes,

it was an adrenaline filled time with its share of excited expectancy and curiosity. It was fun and energizing and I highly recommend it! I was also relieved to get the finished product done just in time.

And isn't it interesting how somehow everything just managed to fall into place - as if the Universal powers were helping me along?

As if? No, they definitely were!

So yes, create momentum for yourself. Put yourself in the position of having to produce a result. Invite the loving spirit helpers to help you and see what you can create!

My newest project is an online course. It's been brewing since 2014 when I published The Co-Creation Handbook. Talk about excitement! And learning curve! I had no idea all this online technology was alive and well and I knew nothing about it!

I've been working on this all summer and my expected date for offering the course is February 2019. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter if you would like to hear more about it.

Meanwhile, take those leaps into new projects

and ask the helping spirits to help. That is what they do best!

And you already know this but we all need the occassional reminder: The world needs you. We all made an agreement with Gaia to be of service. You have a lot to offer. Stop talking yourself out of it and start talking yourself INTO it.

Don't wait a second longer.

I send all of you blessings as you continue on your life’s journey to manifest the passion of your soul.


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