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Hello out there! My goal in writing this blog is to provide information that supplements The Co-Creation Handbook. This is where you can look when you need encouragement. You’ll find real life examples of how to be in the flow of co-creation. I’d like to hear your stories, too! What I will share with you today is a little example of how I use these principles. ___________________________________________________________________________

Reid needs a new car. This is my husband’s project and I am not initially involved. He researches all kinds of cars, we go for test drives and he spends lots of time wrestling over the decision to go for luxury vs. efficiency. Reid is an energy engineer. So when it comes right down to the buying decision, he forgoes the German made luxury car and instead opts for the Toyota Camry Hybrid—better gas mileage, less of a burden on the planet, yet it fits his tall frame quite well. He makes the call to the dealer to buy an end-of-the-year model.

Alas, something is wrong! He comes into the room with a long face—the only Camry Hybrid on the lot is grey. Ack! He is resigned to driving a grey car but he is very disappointed. He always wants blue.

I am not resigned. I recognize that this is not the way it is going to flow. (I just know this; I can feel it in my body.) I tell him, “You are not getting a gray car.” He is a little mystified. I must admit, so am I. This is one of those ‘God’ moments. I just cannot explain where my certainty is coming from.

We drive over to the dealer who spots us right away. Introductions are made and the dealer immediately says, “I am so sorry I made a mistake. The color we have in the one Camry Hybrid remaining is blue, not gray as I promised you.” Woo-hoo! Reid looks happily shocked; I do a happy dance. And we drive home with Reid’s new blue car.

______________________________________________________________________________ What happened here? I used the 5 step process of co-creating laid out in The Co-Creation Handbook. I have been creating this way for almost 30 years now so it is 2nd nature to me. It can be for you, too. Next week I’ll talk about why I wrote the book and provide you with more examples.

Write me with your experiences of co-creation too! I would love to hear them!!



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