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Finding True Love with the Help of the Co-Creation Handbook

I received this heart-warming testimonial last month from a former student who now lives in Australia with her new husband. Read on for inspiration!

Alida asked me to write about my experience working with her Co-Creation Handbook.

I am delighted to share with you what happened to me.

I have worked with Alida’s book 3 times and all three times I think if I had to quantify it I would say I managed to manifest around 80 percent of what I had set out for.

The first time I worked with Alida's book I wanted to base my self in Scotland for a while. My three main goals were to find a pleasant shared home with spiritual people. Ideally it would be set somewhere between Edinburgh and Glasgow so that I could commute to both cities easily to work there.

My second main goal was to have a considerable number of workshops teaching AcroYoga. I am an AcroYoga teacher and at the time I was determined to make an income from AcroYoga that at least would pay for my rent.

My third goal was to hopefully meet a man that would come into my life in Scotland with whom I would have a permanent relationship with.

When I was looking for places to live the first place that was offered to me by the spirits was in a shared house with a Buddhist woman and a dog. I had a beautiful room and the house was amazing with panoramic windows facing the garden. It was situated in Glasgow, very close to the very cool West end of the city and also close to the motorway so that I could easily travel to Edinburgh in only 1.5 hr.

My workshops were quite successful and I managed to earn more money than I had thought. I was definitely able to pay my rent. I was very pleased with my success, yet later on I thought of myself of being too humble with my goals. I should have thought a little bigger and set goals higher so that I could earn a proper living from my skills. I would say at the time I didn't dare to think big enough. Later on in my life that manifested and I not only got to teach AcroYoga but also yoga, which for me is the basis for the practice anyways.

I did not meet someone to fall in love with in Scotland, perhaps because an old love was still in the way to clear the path for the energies to flow into that direction fully. And also my main focus in the manifestation process was to have a safe home and work. However, I did have a few admirers at the time and I made lots of beautiful friends who I am still in contact with.

The second time I worked with Alida's book was when I returned to Oregon to train AcroYoga and acrobatics. As soon as I had arrived in Oregon (and Alida did not know about this) I received an email from her that all her previous students would be invited to join her on a refreshers course in soul retrieval training. Wow, who would have thought I would join that course again and this time for free!

I found that my manifestations for my life in Scotland were quite successful which gave me more faith in working with the spirits to create and co-create my life and fulfill my dreams or make my dreams come true. After Scotland however I still felt I wanted to meet someone. Assessing my work with Alida's book in Scotland I found that my main focus was on my home and my work and I had neglected the boyfriend issue a bit. This time I decided I would create three core goals around the theme of finding my life partner.

Whilst I was in Oregon my dreams about my life partner became much colored by my surroundings. Here are some of the goals and specifics that I set:

I decided that I wanted to have a boyfriend who was a shaman.

I decided that I wanted a boyfriend who was Native American (and looking back I have no idea why I wished for that, why this was on my list became clear to me only much later)

I decided that I wanted to have a boyfriend who was tall and strong.

I wanted him wanting to do AcroYoga with me and wanting to be my acro base.

I wanted him to be from Oregon so that I could live in the USA and ideally in a cabin in the forest.

When I attended Alida's soul retrieval training the second time a man walked into the workshop space. He was tall and strong and had long hair and a pleaded tail. He looked around the room to check out who was there and when our eyes met his gaze stayed fixed and he kept looking at me intensely.

During the 4 or 5 day shamanic training we did a bit of work together and got to know each other a little better. Some days during our lunch breaks I would show some of the participants some AcroYoga moves and one day this guy asked my if he could fly me. I was blown away. Yay!!!, someone wanted to fly me! As an AcroYoga flyer I am considerably tall which means I need a strong base and often times bases feel that they are taking on a bit too much, but not this man. Then this guy asked me out to take me on a walk and show me the Eugene area a little more. We had a beautiful walk through the woods. Then I asked him where he lived. The answers was: I normally live on a ranch but at the moment I live in a small cabin in a forest. Wow! I was blown away. There was a tall and strong shaman, who had asked me to do AcroYoga with him and he lived in a cabin. In that very moment it dawned on me that the spirits where giving me someone. My next question was: Are you Native American? Believe it or not, the answer was YES!

If you could have it would you take it? That is one of the questions in Alida's book. There he was. I could have him but would I take him? The answer was "no". Why not? Everything I had wanted was given to me but one essential detail was missing. Even though I really liked this person as a friend I was not romantically attracted to him. The special zing, butterflies and wow-effect that you need to fall in love with someone was not there and wherever I looked I could not find it…. and also I had not manifested it. I actually forgot to manifest that I must be really attracted to my future partner.

So, on went my journey and again I had learnt an important lesson on manifestations and especially on specifications.

The third time I was working with Alida's book was when I was in Australia. Even though I love the American West (and I honestly believe I have a past live there as a Native American person) I feel more drawn to Australia, where I have found my tribe and lots of beautiful friends on the mid-north coast of New South Wales.

Still, my life partner was not in sight. So, I decided to manifest this partner again with the help of the Co-Creation handbook.

This time I manifested as follows:

- I want to meet a man from Australia

- I wouldn't mind if he had children so that I don't have to have children

- He should be a shaman or spiritual and maybe a little bit hippie but not too much

- It was cool if he did acro with me but not essential.

- I must find him really really attractive

- He must find me really really attractive, too.

- We would live somewhere close to the beach in a house with a shady veranda in a beautiful place but not as hip and crazy crowded as _____, ideally close to _______ (which is my favorite place in Australia, however in the summers, it gets unbearably hot).

Two years later I am married to an Aboriginal man from Australia with ten children. My husband is a bit hippie but not too much. My husband is a clever man (which is the English term for an Aboriginal shaman from Australia). My husband is a physically a little limited because he had polio as a child, however we did manage to do some acro together. I find him soo sooo soo incredibly hot and I think that's what he thinks of me also. We recently bought a house together, which is a bit built like a tree house (and my husband once said to me that he would like to live in a tree house). It has got a beautiful shady veranda and is set only 30 min away from _______ and only 10 min walking distance away from the beach in beautiful _________, which is actually much more beautiful than _________ and not nearly as expensive. Hooray. I got it all. Thanks sooo much helping spirits. We are blown away.

Looking back, I found all my manifestations successful but I learnt to become more and more specific about what I really want. The more specific you become the better your manifestations. The spirits seem to get a better and clearer picture on how they can help you to find what you are looking for.

But not only this. The more I work with the spirits the stronger I feel how I am being guided. Shortly after I met my beautiful husband, we realized that we had been married before in a previous life time. We both know it was in a Native American context, hence my attraction to a Native American man. This was later confirmed to me by an exceptionally reliable clairvoyant. And often when I look in my husband’s eyes, I see a Native American chief in him even though he is Australian Aboriginal - Gumbaynggirr to be precise.

Finally I would like to mention that not only I was guided, but also my husband was led my way. We both met at a point in our lives when we both really needed to meet someone to not drown completely.


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