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The Power of Thresholds: Doorway to the Spirit Realms

I continue the exploration of Celtic Spirituality with the topic of THRESHOLDS. A topic dear to my heart.

The Celtic peoples had a love of edges and boundary places, most likely as the result of living on an island, but they also held a keen sense of the Otherworld as a place just beneath the veil of this one.

The fairies are often found at the thresholds as they are usually not part of our waking consciousness. When we make the transition from a secular to a sacred space, we open ourselves up to the Otherworld.

Thresholds speak of transitions and in-between places., those moments when we are neither here nor there.

Examples are: dawn and dusk, door thresholds between rooms or between a building and the outdoors. Half in - half out of the car or the water. Skipping over rocks on the river when you are in midair - neither grounded nor flying.

A greater view of thresholds is those moments of transition in our lives – death, birth, rites of passage, job changes, location changes, leaving home, coming home, big social change, a watershed moment.

Ah, a watershed moment! I think of the sea change this pandemic has brought to all of our lives. We have been forced to ride this tidal wave and restrict our activities and our normal ways of interacting. We are in-between in so many ways.

A profound and notable transformation indeed!

Also consider the place between wakefulness and sleep. This is the place of inspiration, where the spirits inspire us (or remind us), forgotten things rise to the surface, visitors come from the past or future, images come and go as we process the day’s events and slow our pace.

Try this threshold method of accessing divine guidance:

Take yourself to a threshold (you can even double or triple them up for extra power – stand at the edge of a doorway just at dusk, with your eyes half closed - that's 3 thresholds right there!): bring to mind something you would like direction on or advice. Slow your breathing. Notice what is around you. What has shifted since you asked your question? What catches your attention. What thoughts come into your mind?

Thank the spirits for any divine intervention, seen or unseen and go on your way, wiser for asking.


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