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The Co-Creation Handbook


Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life

Download Audio Programs here: (hover over selection to find download tab on right)

If you have any issues downloading, please contact me:

To download the files: 

1. sign up with your email at the audio tab at

2. Receive email with link

3. Click link and be taken to the audio download page (here you are!)

4. To download, click on a track to download. 

5. Click the down arrow on the far right of each track

6. It will start playing. Now take your cursor over to the 3 verticle dots. Download appears.

7. Download the file.

8. If they come as a zip format, move each file out of the zip folder to a new folder.



Audio Program with Drums


Audio Program without Drums

  • Alida Birch Co-Creation

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