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with Alida Birch

"Alida Birch is a gifted shamanic teacher and practitioner who for 27 years has dedicated herself to compassionately mentoring her local shamanic community. I highly recommend her brilliant work and am delighted to refer clients to Alida for soul retrieval, shamanic healing, and training. Anyone studying with Alida will be blessed with the best that shamanism has to offer."
                                                                                         -Sandra Ingerman author of Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self


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Radio Interview

Why Shamanism Now: Alida discusses her book The Co-Creation Handbook with host Christina Pratt     

Alida Birch

A client testimonial:  


I made an appointment with Alida because I knew I needed help to break down a long-standing food/body issue I have. After talking with her about it, and after she said what would happen next, I entered into the process. While she (and, I suppose I) entered into the journey, I wasn’t aware of any particular feelings. Afterward, she described the journey, mentioning the birds that showed up as my companions, and told me that they wanted me to know that I was looking into the wrong mirrors. Hm. Strange, yes...?


            Although I was pretty tired, I wasn’t aware that much else was going on. I napped that day and went to bed early. The next day, I was on the floor in the family room, engaged in my daily exercise routine, and stopped. Because I found myself awash in a feeling of profound love for my body.  Beyond that, there are no words to describe the experience.


            Except to say that I have replaced the mirror of judgment for the mirror of love.              Diana   Nov '18

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