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Apprenticeships: the Year Long Trainings

The Sacred Call of the Shaman: Learn to be a Shamanic Healer - begins March 30, 2014
with Alida Birch assisted by Anchen Texter & Linda Leanne


For the 19th year, I will be offering advanced training for those people intent on furthering their experience of shamanism and in developing their skills as healers. This group meets together in Eugene, OR, for twelve months, usually one day per month. Our intention is that we develop cohesiveness as a group, which will allow us to go deeper into this comprehensive material.This training is designed for those who would like to learn how to remedy spiritual illness and cultivate spiritual well-bring on behalf of clients. Those who intend to work exclusively as shamanic healers, as well as those who intend to offer shamanic support in combination with one or more complimentary modality (such as energy work, therapy, bodywork, acupuncture, etc.) are equally welcome. Participants can expect to develop a sophisticated array of shamanic skills, clarify, and refine their areas of particular affinity as shamanic practitioners, and receive transformative shamanic initiations and empowerments.


This training will encompass the skills and ecstatic practices shamans have used throughout time to keep themselves and their communities healthy. You will be trained in the following areas:


  • The Art of Divination and the Diagnostic Journey and the practitioner-client relationship.

  • Symptoms & ramifications of soul loss, the remedies for restoring soul & practices for integration of soul parts.

  • Remove foreign energies, understand negative thought forms & shamanic extraction.

  • Develop relationships with your spiritual ancestors & personal helping spirits.

  • Work with issues of death and dying/ Learn how to guide those who are actively passing to a peaceful crossing and to intervene on behalf of souls who have failed to cross over & are in need of loving assistance (psychopomp).

  • Train in the art of vision questing and quest at a beautiful site in the Waldo Wilderness area.

  • Encounter the poetic depths of Celtic Shamanism.

  • Learn to become transparent to the divine for the purpose of bringing through healing spiritual light.

  • Learn to create a shamanic healing practice. Many graduates have become distinguished healers & teachers.

  • Uncover your personal relationship to the mythic aspect of shamanism with numerous methods of empowerment and initiation into shamanic practice.

You will learn practical, transformative techniques that can be incorporated into everyday life. You must make a commitment for the entire training.To receive more information, tuition information, payment plans, and to apply: contact Alida at  541-686-1610 or

Frontiers in Shamanism - begins March 2014
with Alida Birch & Marta Boyett


Alida Birch and Marta Boyett are pleased to announce advanced-level instruction in shamanic practice, presented as a year-long training. Frontiers in Shamanism both expands on and transcends existing courses in core shamanism. This will be the fourth year it is presented. Feedback from previous participants has been enthusiastic. One student chose to take the course twice!

Going into our fourth year, we look forward to reaping the benefits of experience by deepening the previous curriculum, and expanding certain areas of focus.

Course content will be directed by three factors:*Instructor choice, arising from our 48 years combined experience and exposure to many teachings.*The guidance of our helping Spirits.*The unfolding needs of the Circle.

The current course outline includes but is not limited to: ethnic traditions, especially central Asian and north European; advanced ways of merging for miraculous outcomes; different styles of working with power objects for healing; and Middle World specialties including Faery healing and Plant Spirit Medicine. Participants learn the beauty and balance of enacting exquisite community ceremony in one tradition, contrasted with the stripped-down, silently effective methods of another. We include powerful traditional methods that can be most unobtrusively integrated into the modern Euro-American setting.

Frontiers in Shamanism broadens the scope of understanding, deepens relationship with Spirit to an inexpressible degree, and promotes practitioner versatility and adaptability to any situation. We invite you to join us in taking this step. This is a logical next step for both those who have completed a healing apprenticeship and those who are not focused on healing but wish to explore shamanism for personal revelation.

Pre-requisite is that you are journeying well.


The cost for the Frontiers training is $116 per day. You must make a commitment for the entire training. The groups meet in Eugene, OR, for 12 days, usually one day per month on a weekend. 

For more information, email or drop by our informational meetings.


The pre-requisite for all classes is that you are journeying successfully and have a working relationship with your helping spirit(s). For most people, it is helpful to take an introductory journey class. I teach an introductory journey class every few months.


Marta Boyett and I have been collaborating -- once more with our breadth of creativity, bringing into being Frontiers in Shamanism, for those intrepid explorers who have journey skills already developed. Taking ourselves beyond the old realms, we walk the new pathways Marta and I have developed in our shamanic practices. Honoring the wisdom that came before us and bringing through what is called for in this world, in this time. The circle calls you once again.


Free experiential information sessions:*

Mon Nov 11th*

Wed Jan 8th from 7-9pm. Come to one or both!

February 13th we will have our final experiential information session and sign-up for Frontiers 2014.


We anticipate the next Frontiers in Shamanism will be offered in 2016.


A note on the March 2014 start date: We realize many of you are planning to attend Weather Shamanism (Jan 31-Feb 2) and Vajra's training (end of Feb) both highly recommended! So we do not want to overload your calendar. Thus we are delaying the start of Frontiers until March and offering these informational meetings to give you a taste of what we are offering and an opportunity to be in circle with your fellow shamanic practitioners once again.


Please let us know you are interested in attending by contacting Alida Birch.

Call 541-686-1610 for more information




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