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Loving Practice for the Healing of Planet Earth and Ourselves  


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Below you will find your free gift, Loving Practice for the Healing of Planet Earth and Ourselves. Please read the rest of this message before you begin the meditation. It contains important information for you to digest!

I know that many people feel very hopeless at helping the planet to heal. This hopelessness has for some become a heaviness they carry within their hearts in their daily life. I brought this dilemma to my Helping Spirits and this is what they gave me to share with you. They told me there is an ancient method for the healing and revitalization of the energy fields so essential for all of Life. This practice helps us to take constructive steps toward healing the planet by utilizing the assistance of a powerful spirit found in many cultures. I am delighted to introduce you to her.

In The Co-Creation Handbook which I published a year ago, I wrote about the Integral Theory of Everything, a modern word for something the ancients knew and worked with long ago. The Integral Theory of Everything  proposes that there is a cosmic field present throughout nature that stores information about our world. The field is continuous and carries information as well as energy. This information and energy storing device is called the Akashic field. Akashic means all pervasive and fundamental, the basis of all.

This Akashic field informs all living things, the entire web of life, and even our own consciousness. You do not need to go to the Sphinx in Egypt or anywhere special to tap into the Akashic Field. It is available to you right here, right now.

When I asked my helping spirits to assist me in developing a meditation to help with the state of the planet, Spider Woman stepped forward immediately. Spider Woman is one of the most important deities of traditional Navajo religion. The Navajo Spider Woman is a constant helper and benefactor. Spider Woman taught the people the arts of weaving and agriculture and appears in many legends and folktales to "save the day," protect the innocent, and restore harmony to the world. When I visualize Spider Woman, I see an elderly woman who is busy weaving the web of all that is. She is the primary spirit you will be meeting on this journey.  She has shared with me this ancient practice for revitalizing the energy fields of the planet. And since you are a part of the Earth, this meditation will also revitalize you.

I have chosen to add soft drumming in the background. Simply listening to the steady beat of drumming has been proven to elevate the mood, reduce pain, increase creativity and sharpen mental functioning. This type of drumming also automatically lowers the brain frequency to the alpha/theta state, a beginning step for entering a non-ordinary  state of consciousness, enabling you to safely and quickly access the Spirit World of the shamans.  

I hope you find this offering assists you in serving the planet and inspires hope and optimism in you, as well. For we know that what we hold to be possible IS possible.


Alida Birch
Shamanic Healer and Teacher
Author of The Co-Creation Handbook: A Shamanic Guide to Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life


Spider Woman artwork by Fiona Morgan, Daughters of the Moon Tarot Deck

Loving Practice for the Earth - Alida Birch
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