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The Hearth of the Dancing Drum
Healing Circle Online

Instructions for connecting with the Healing Circle Online:


1. We begin on 6:30 pm Pacific. Well before this time, if you don't already have Zoom app downloaded, download Zoom on to your device. Use this link to begin the process:  Please do this at least a day ahead. If you have any problems with your video or audio, Reid or I can help you!!! Zoom is a safe program and we have used it for online courses before.


2. At 6:20 pm the Zoom page will open, so get on using the zoom link you received via email when you signed up here:

If you are on your computer, you will begin to see people on your screen. Turn on your video and audio: it is good to be seen and helps others feel comfortable to see real people. 


3. At 6:30 pm we will begin the meeting. We will Call in the Spirits, explain the process, introductions (passing the virtual talking stick) will include if you are there for healing, offering healing, or support.


4. The facilitator will assign each healer/healee pair to breakout rooms. That means you will have privacy for 20 minutes. Healers will provide their own sound - be it self-drumming, self-rattling, background drummers, CD, no sound, etc. There will be a 1-minute warning for calling you back. At end of time, you will automatically be sent back to the main group. If you want to exchange contact info, do so before you are called back. We plan to do two rounds if needed.


5. For supporters we have a special treat: you will stay in the main room and a facilitator  will be leading us in a beautiful transfiguration journey called Healing with Spiritual Light, the Shamanic Power to Heal Ourselves, Each Other and the Earth. 

6. We will have brief announcements before we close.

We do request a small donation if you are able. We suggest you make your donation directly to Food for Lane County. 

If you are resistant to online spiritual gatherings, this is your opportunity to open your doors of reality to discover just how powerful shamanic journeying really is - outside of time and space and over the internet we go! Let's all show up for each other!


With love and gratitude to all of you!


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